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Motivation Research Institute
Mission Statement: To facilitate and support collaborations among faculty and students on the study of motivation.
Background: In the Spring of 2001, Dr. Kenn Barron, Dr. Donna Sundre, and a small group of graduate students in the Assessment and Measurement PhD program started a weekly research group on student motivation. Over the past four years, our meetings have grown substantially in faculty/student membership and have become a permanent fixture at the Center for Assessment and Research Studies.
We are guided by the following objectives:
To provide research training and research opportunities for faculty and students
To advance the study of motivation theory
To advance the use of statistical and measurement techniques in motivational research
To evaluate existing measurement tools and develop new measurement tools related to the study of motivation
To advance the application of motivation theory (e.g., to improve university learning environments, to improve assessment of student motivation and development)
To communicate findings through multiple outlets (e.g., conference presentations, theory journals, measurement journals, university reports, higher education journals)
Our core faculty include Dr. Kenn Barron, Dr. Sara Finney, Dr. Dena Pastor, and Dr. Donna Sundre. In addition, we have had the benefit of having other faculty collaborate and join our group (e.g., Dr. Steve Evans, Dr. Gregg Henriques, Dr. Steve Wise, and Dr. Vicki Wise). We also have 5-10 students working with us during any given semester from the Assessment and Measurement PhD program, the Psychological Sciences Masters program, and from the Undergraduate Psychology program.
In the Spring of 2005, we formalized our group into The Motivation Research Institute. Our goal for formalizing into a recognized institute on campus was to build upon our above objectives and to add the following:
To create a website summarizing on-going activities, publications/presentations, developed instruments
To create a formal organization for current students to identify with, as well as for former students to remain affiliated with after leaving the program
To create a formal organization to help solicit outside funding and research opportunities
To create a formal organization to advertise resources/services to the outside community

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